AHDG also offers a full custom design service - whether you would like us to start from scratch and do all of the design work for you or if you have a sketch to provide. We offer upfront quotes for all custom designs. To receive a quote please send us an email to:


Please include the following information:

  • Approximate size of your home in m2
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • How many stories/levels would you like
  • Would you like any "special" or out of the ordinary inclusions (for example, atriums, many extra rooms such as library/study/multiple living areas, pool, unusual or complicated roof design etc)

Please also include a sketch if you have one, a site survey if you have one, any other site information that you have and any photos of house facades that you like the look of. 

Our quote will be a fixed price quote however AHDG reserves the right to modify this quote should further information or design requests be made that we were not made aware of prior to providing the initial quote. 

AHDG strongly suggests that clients contact their local council prior to sending us an email to ensure that all correct and up to date information associated with local requirements/regulations, covenants and site specific requirements are provided to AHDG during the initial contact and prior to any quotes being given. AHDG reserves the right to modify our quote should further information be provided or requested by council.

All clients will be required to sign a contract prior to engaging our services. 


New custom house design

Custom house design Brisbane Australia

Custom house design Brisbane Australia