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All sales on house plans and customisations/modifications are final. No refunds or exchanges can be given once your order has started the fulfillment process.

Prices on our pre designed plans are fixed but are subject to change without notice. All of our upfront quotes for modifications, package deals and custom designs are fixed price quotes however we reserve the right to increase or decrease our quoted price subject to obtaining further information about your project that may alter the time frame we have allowed for.

Pre designed plans purchased on our website require upfront payment to be processed either through our website or by contacting us for alternate arrangements. All work that is invoiced by us must be paid for by the due date on the invoice. We reserve the right to withhold services and/or your project documents if payment is not made. For payments more than two weeks over due, we reserve the right to add penalty fees of 10% to your invoiced total. If we are forced to obtain the services of a debt collector, then the client will be responsible for all fees incurred by this service.  

For all custom designs, we will invoice the client in two stages. The upfront deposit will be invoiced before any work commences and payment is required immediately. No work will commence before the deposit is received. The second payment will be invoiced after the concept drawings have been completed and approved by the client (prior to documentation beginning). Payment is required before we can commence documenting your project. CAD/DWG files will not be released to the client until final payment is made. Release of CAD files is at the Designers discretion and Australian House Design Group reserves the right to refuse the release for any reason including but not limited to unpaid invoices, abusive or threatening behaviour from the client or any breach to our contracts. For clients with large development projects, please contact us to discuss payment options.