1. Can I change a design or modify it to what I need?
Absolutely! All of our designs can be modified to suit personal requirements. Everything from adding or removing rooms, changing the facade, roof changes, layout changes for kitchens/bathrooms/laundry etc. We will provide you with an up front quote so that you will know the full costs up front before committing to anything. 

2. What do the prices on your website include?
There are two price points for every design on our website. The first price is for "Full Working Drawings". This means that you will receive the full set of construction drawings that you will need for council submission, building your home and for builders quotes. For most clients this set will be all that you will need from us. In rare cases, some local councils or builders may request further information on the drawings. If this is the case then we will only charge our hourly rate and will give you an up front quote for the work. The second price point is for both the "Full Working Drawings" and the "Structural Engineering". Every client will need structural engineering for their project however you may chose to use any engineer that you wish. We simply offer this service to our clients to make the whole process easier. Not only that but our engineers are usually much cheaper! 

3. Can I purchase plans from you if I am in a different state of Australia to you or if I am an overseas client?
Of course! We proudly service all of Australia as well as international clients. We hold all relevant licenses for every state of Australia.

4. Do you do renovations?
Yes we can also complete renovation design work however this is only the case for our local clients (within 45km from Brisbane).

5. Do you submit the plans to council for me or do I need to do that myself?
In recent times the rules for council submission have changed which has allowed the whole process to be much easier for clients to do themselves. So yes, you will need to do this yourself however the process should not be at all scary or difficult! We are happy to guide you if necessary.

6. Do you do Basix in house?
No, you will need to engage a local Basix provider if this is required for your project.

7. How can you provide your plans so cheap compared to other designers?
Our designs are offered at drastically reduced prices because all of the hard work is already done! As the designs are already in existence and the working drawings are already completed, we can pass these savings onto our clients and offer a very fast turnaround for existing designs and design changes.

8. Can you do custom designs? Can I provide you with a design that I did myself?
Absolutely. If you would like a custom design then please email us with your design requirements and we will provide you with a quote. If you have a design that you did yourself then please email that through as well and we can give you a quote on that also. 

9. What information do you need from me in order to finalise my drawings?
We will require a full site survey (with contours and local services locations) in order to add your design onto your individual site. We are able to complete your custom design or modified Australian House Design Group design without this however it will be required before we can give you the final drawings to submit to council. 

10. What is the turnaround time for design changes or custom designs?
For changes to one of our pre designed plans, we can usually have these completed within 24 hours of payment being received. For major design changes it may take up to 2 working days. For custom designs we offer a 3 working day turnaround for initial concept plans and a 5 working day turnaround for finalising the working drawings. 

11. Are you also builders? 
No we are not builders. However, we do work closely with a number of builders both in QLD and interstate. We offer a free service to all clients where we can provide you with a number of builders quotes for your project. If you would like to take up this offer then we can arrange this once your drawings have been completed.