What is a Town Planning Preliminary Check?

An initial planning assessment which covers:
  • Siting against the planning scheme and development approvals (building envelope plans) and/or QDC as applicable
  • Overlay Assessment (including bushfire, flood, traditional buiding character etc)
  • Review of previous approval documents to confirm if a Development Application is required
  • Review of Searches (including CITEC, PD Online, Noise)
  • Review of proposed development and land uses for compliance with zoning and planning scheme requirements (such as maximum floor areas for auxiliary units)

What is the cost and what will i receive?

The cost of a Town Planning Preliminary Check is $330.00 inclusive of GST and you will receive the following items on completion of the assessment:

  • Town Planning Preliminary Check RFI detailing the outcomes of the planning assessment. If DA is required and where possible, information will be provided on how to avoid a development application.
  • Marked up Plans

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